Monday, January 14, 2013

Great Birthday!

My 27th was fabulous!

Brandon and I went shopping Saturday evening after I left work.  We got some precious stuff for Ellie!
These were all part of a set. 

This onesie was included in the set pictured above all for $9.99.  
This set was too cute to pass up
I couldn't resist since working in a jewelry store helped us afford IF treatment for Ellie!
Just a plain 5-set of onesies.  I'm sure we'll go through many of these in the beginning.

The inside of my card from Sneakers
My birthday card was awesome!

From Sneakers

From Sneakers
Beautiful flowers from Sneakers

Brighton earrings and necklace pendant from Dad

Sterling Silver Pendant with Elliana engraved on the front (it reads Joy on the other side)

Sterling Silver charm bracelet with an "E" charm for Ellie from Randal
Sav-a-Life Calendar featuring Nesia from Joy
Not pictured are three dresses that Mom purchased for me.  One is tan, one is purple and white, and the other is black with a skinny blue belt.  I'm so in love with my maternity clothes that I may miss them when it's time to return to my regular-sized wardrobe!

Overall I had a great birthday.  We went to church, had lunch with Dad, took a nap, headed back to church for a meeting, and then went to dinner with my Mom and family.  I can't wait to spend my next birthday with Ellie.  


  1. Wow- you got some wonderful gifts! Glad you had a good birthday!

  2. Awe happy birthday!!! Aren't little girl clothes so fun...I have collected so much already it is almost embarrassing haha!!


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