Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 22 Appointment

Everything went well at our appointment yesterday.  They documented Elliana's name under my information in the computer.  =)  My blood pressure must have been good because they didn't mention anything about that.  BUT when I stepped on the scales, the nurse had to push the nob all the way over to the "150" block.  (That's never happened to me before.)  I think she seemed surprised by my weight, but accounted a few pounds for my cowgirl boots and layered sweater.

When the nurse came in to listen to Ellie's heartbeat she kept laughing.  She said that Ellie was very active and she was chasing her all over my tummy.  Then Ellie started kicking the doppler.  It was hard to find her heartbeat then because I couldn't stop laughing.  Once I quieted myself, she slowed down for us to hear her precious heart beating at 147 bpm.

Dr. Radbill came in and measured my tummy and said that I'm right on track.  I showed him where my stomach hurts (RPL) and he said that it's very common in pregnancy.  All I can do is rest when it hurts.  I told him that my job required me to be on my feet a lot and he didn't seem as concerned when I mentioned that I would only be working through the end of March.  He told me to rest when it hurts.  He said that wearing the maternity support band was a great idea to help with the pain as well.
It still hurts during the day, even with the support band.  I'm wearing the band at night and it helps my back as well.  Once I'm standing and moving I'm alright, but if I have to bend over or sit down again...the pain starts all over.  It makes for a long day when you frequent the restroom countless times and must sit down and get up from the potty.  As long as I move slowly the pain isn't too terrible.  
We talked about my weight gain and he said that I was doing great to be tall and skinny.  I've never thought of myself as tall, and it was nice to still be referred to as skinny.  He did tell me to think about my food choices as I eat dessert.  For now-no more sweets except for after dinner.  Last night I cut my Oreo intake in half from what I would usually eat.  =( (Ellie and I love Oreos)

Overall it was a great appointment and the doctor thinks that we're doing great.

Our next appointment is scheduled for February 21, and I will complete the 1-hour sugar test.  Also, I'm planning to schedule our 3d/4d ultrasound today-somewhere between weeks 28-30.  Brandon is so excited to see Ellie again!


  1. I saw this and thought of your little one and your superhero love...

  2. I'm obsessed wtih oreos too :) I find that having a sweet drink like cocoa or something usually feeds my sweets addiction without quite as many calories. I'd like to say fruit works, but I realize that eating fruit just doesn't cut it when baby wants chocolate! I found a good low fat frozen yogurt too that I love :) Glad to hear y'all are both doing well!


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