Monday, April 9, 2012

Another update

I just checked my patient voicemail.

  • FSH:  1.7                       Low. Normal range is 5-20
  • estradiol:  109               High.  Normal range 25-75
They believe that my cyst has something to do with the high estradiol number.  During the ultrasound, Casey reported some fluid in my endometrium.  I have no idea what this all means.  Kayla did consult Dr. Google for me to keep me from freaking out.  =)  (Thanks, Kayla!)  It looks like the fluid could be due to my period, but who knows.  Looks like I need another procedure, a Saline Infusion Sonogram (SIS). I'll have it next Wednesday before my appointment with Dr. Allemand.  I'm definitely nervous.  

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  1. All this language is so bizarre (you kind of wish you never had to know about this kind of stuff). I hope the appointment on Wednesday helps you understand what all this means - fingers crossed for you and good luck.


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