Monday, April 30, 2012

Devotional: Waiting for God to Fill the Cradle

Waiting for God to Fill the Cradle

I am currently on Day 3 of 30 of the following devotional.  One of the ladies at church shared an article with me a few months ago from Crosswalk.  There are many resources available for people going through struggles with Infertility, but few that focus on scripture.  I've found a few different websites that I frequent, and was excited to start this particular devotional written by another couple battling Infertility.  

Here's a topic breakdown by week:
Week One
Theme:  God is the Giver of Children
Week Two
Theme:  Finding my Identity and Direction in God's Word
Week Three
Theme:  Where to put the Disappointment
Week Four
Theme:  Mining for the Gold During this Season of Waiting

Right now, the devotional is only available for Kindle.  (I downloaded the Kindle app and paid $4.99 for the book to be downloaded to my iPod.)  

I will post more as I continue reading.  For the past few weeks I've felt more at peace about our current fertility situation.  I pray that God continues to give us peace as we get closer to beginning IVF.


  1. hmm good to know. I searched a few times for good books on fertility with a Biblical basis and the one or two that I found seemed pretty lame. You'll have to tell me what you think of this one, it sounds appealing. :)

  2. doh! *INfertility*, not fertility. Please excuse the typo. :)


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