Monday, April 9, 2012


Our appointment went well this morning.  I still feel very much in the dark, but the following weeks will shed more light about our IVF cycle.

"The Wand"
They had to do a vaginal ultrasound to check for cysts.  I do have a 2 cm cyst on one of my ovaries, but Casey seemed to think it would be alright.  Let me tell you that vaginal ultrasounds are no fun!  (I've mentioned my issues with pelvic pain before.)  They also did bloodwork and I should hear back this afternoon if all of my levels are ok.  The plan is to start BCP this evening to begin suppression therapy.
It was FREE!  Thanks, ART!!
We have another appointment scheduled next week with Dr. Allemand to go over my IVF Checklist (Appointment:  4-18-12 @ 10am).  We are set to meet with the IVF Coordinator the following week (Appointment:  4-23-12 @ 9am).  They told me that they would move up my appointment with the IVF Coordinator (Janet) if needed.  I'm secretly hoping that I can sneak in and meet with her next week at my appointment with Dr. Allemand.  On Mondays, only Paul and myself are at the store, so I may try and see what can be done to change that particular time.

I'm both excited and nervous for this journey to begin.  I will continue to post updates as I know more!


  1. Yay sounds like you are on the road now. Good luck with supression.

  2. Excited & nervous are normal. I am praying for the best on your IVF cycle! Prayers & baby dust for a smooth cycle!

  3. Wishing you all the best on your IVF journey! And yay for free meds!

  4. I hope you don't mind if I follow your jouney. My husband and I will be starting the process at the end of this month. I never thought I'd be excited to start birth control!

  5. Don't worry. Many people failed to conceive in their first IVF cycle but they conceived in their second or third cycle.

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