Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Confused Uterus

Today we had our consult appointment with Dr. Allemand and SIS with Dr. Honea.

Dr. Allemand apologized for not discussing the need for Brandon to abstain from smokeless tobacco at our previous appointment.  He understood our frustrations and took full responsibility for that.  Even though we have 11 vials of frozen sperm, they felt it necessary to obtain their own samples.  Our 11 vials all were frozen at UAB.  They said that we could choose to not freeze any more specimens.  Brandon has made that decision and we will not.  We've already spent over $1000 in the past 6 months on sperm storage alone.  From the SA they observed from him in January 2012, we should have a good enough sample for IVF.

Dr. A has not completely come up with my medicine protocol, but did say that we will be using:

  • 150iu Follistim (at least 12 days of stimming)
  • 75iu Menopur
  • Lupron
  • BCP (Loestrin 24FE)
  • PIO after transfer.  


Dr. Honea performed my SIS.  She made the procedure as easy and painless as possible.  They prescribed a Valium for me to take about an hour before the procedure.  I'm still feeling the effects now.  The SIS was much easier than the HSG.  They took measurements, and my uterine cavity is 3.2cm.  They were looking for 3cm so I'm normal there. They were also able to measure the residual septum.  They were looking for 1cm, but mine was 1.4cm.  Dr. Honea is going to give those measurements to Dr. Allemand.  He did say that someone who had a large septum like mine would always have a residual curvature.  

The cyst was still there (on my left ovary).  It hasn't changed in size.  I wish that it had shrunk in size, but at least it didn't get any larger.

Current Cycle

Current BBT Chart
I'm trying not to give y'all information overload, but here goes.  Plus, this is going to get a little TMI.  I started spotting Sunday afternoon and felt like I was starting my period again.  I bled lightly for 3 days straight.  I was baffled by it all.  I called Monday afternoon and the nurse said that my body was either reacting from the one birth control pill, or was trying to get rid of the cyst.  (I was undoubtedly nervous because they're not supposed to do the SIS if there's any flow.)  Dr. Allemand said that my uterus is most likely just confused.  He said that I am not experiencing another period.  He said that the progesterone in the bcp confused my body into bleeding again.  This cycle is just a strange one.  

Game Plan

As for now, our game plan is to schedule a baseline ultrasound appointment with my next new cycle and move forward with IVF from there.  Dr. Allemand will then go over the full check list with us discussing all of the risks involved with each step of the process.  


  1. Go ahead and email me your address. I will mail out that medication so you have it in plenty of time. I will need to figure out how to mail and keep it cold.

  2. That's a lot to process! How are you feeling? Your next cycle will be here before you know it. I hope everything moves along smoothly!

    1. I'm ok. My sinuses are acting up so it's been a LONG day. I've had cramps because I forgot to take an ibuprofen before the procedure.

  3. So much to figure out all at once, isn't it? My thoughts are with you. I hope the process goes as smoothly as possible.

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I've so enjoyed your blog posts each day. You always make me laugh!


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