Friday, April 27, 2012

Don't Ignore Life's Blessings

It's hard to not become wrapped up in the negativity of any situation.  It's important to set aside time to focus on all of the good things in life.

I want to encourage YOU, Don't Ignore Life's Blessings.  

This applies to my fellow blogger friends suffering from Infertility, as well as everyone else reading.  God does not want any of us to hurt.  I myself have struggled to find peace in many of our difficult situations.  It takes effort.  It's much easier to stay sad and throw yourself a pity party.

God has blessed me with some pretty amazing people in my life.  Y'all have heard me shout Brandon's praises.  He's a great and Godly husband.  He may not be perfect, but he acknowledges his faults.  Our faith family at church has been unbelievable.  They are always a phone call or text away with affirmations of their continued support for us.  I've got so many girl friends (pregnant and not, married and single) who are always looking out for me.

Today, I am one step closer in our pathway to parenthood.  I am not cycling, but each day offers new hope.  God blessed me with my friends and family and YOU.         

I want to leave you with a song that my pastor shared with us a few months ago.  It's a song written by Laura Story entitled "Blessings." 

Enjoy the little things. Zombieland Rule #32
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  1. I love your positive outlook, in the face of adversity. Following you, can't wait to read more about your journey :)

  2. This is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Just wanted to say hi and happy Friday :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the video! I definitely have a love/hate relationship with that song. :) Can't I get a blessing without 1,000 sleepless nights?! :-) Did you know that she wrote this song when her husband had poor side effects and recovery for a surgery to remove a brain tumor? :/ It make the song mean a lot for me knowing she went through real pain too.
    Also, love the quote! :-) I'll try to remember that. :)
    AND, I'll write you sometime this weekend about Isaac's Prayer! Thanks for offering to be a part! Yay! :)

  5. Love the positive post, thanks for sharing!

  6. How refreshing to read your positive thoughts. I've always believed positive thinking plays some kind of role in all this. You have to believe and be open to accepting a pregnancy from G-d, the universe, or whatever force you may believe in. Good luck.
    I'm tracey (ICLW 92) and I blog for my IVF docs at Long Island IVF so I can share my stories. I’m hoping ICLW and NIAW can help me find new blogs and spread the word about LIIVF’s free Micro-IVF cycle contest kicking off this week. Details for those interested are on the blog or Long Island IVF’s FB page.


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