Friday, August 24, 2012


My appointment didn't go as well as expected.  My uterine lining was only 0.58cm and they like it to be closer to 0.80cm for transfer.  Dr. Allemand is in surgery each Friday morning, so he will review my chart and plan accordingly.  I should hear back from ART sometime this afternoon.  There's still time to change my medicine/protocol and continue to move forward... It's the "not knowing" that is difficult.  Thankfully there's been a lot to do at work to keep me busy until they call.

Thankfully I did not have an "unglued" moment.  I did cry and get upset, but this isn't the end.  My calendar is just going to change.  God still has this.  I still trust Him.  And His timing is always better than mine.


  1. So true...I hope that lining thickens ASAP!

  2. waiting is the worst, I'll pray they call soon! (with good news)

  3. What a roller coaster of a day! Praying the change in meds Is all you need!

  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear your appointment did not go well. But you are so right, God has a plan for you!


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