Friday, August 31, 2012

Great Appointment

Our appointment went well this morning.  My lining measured .08cm- exactly what the doctor ordered ! They took a culture of my lining (which was blue), and I expect everything to be fine there.  It was so funny....the NP casually said, "Oh, I see you're on Estrace."

They usually leave word on my patient voicemail by 2pm.  Then they will provide me with my updated calendar- which is the same as before only a week behind.  I will start antibiotics tomorrow, along with Progesterone-in-Oil injections!  Our Embryo Transfer should happen on Thursday!  I am hopeful that we will get beta results the following Friday (September 14).

This is the closest we've ever been! We are beyond excited!!!  Thank you for all of the text messages!!


  1. YAY! Wonderful news! I've been waiting for your update!!!!

  2. Your transfer will be same day as my beta. I am so excited for you..

  3. Yay! Wow! You'll know in 2 weeks! SUPER exciting!! :-)

  4. Courtney, this is so fabulous. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  5. Great news!! The big day is almost here Court!

  6. I wish my RE's office had patient voice mail. I have to make sure to answer my phone the first time my RE/nurse calls otherwise we play a not so fun game of phone tag.

    So excited to hear your transfer should still be happening next week!

  7. Yay for great news and an exciting couple of weeks ahead! I know you're so ready for this!!


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