Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today's Appointment

This morning's appointment was pretty uneventful.  They did blood work and an ultrasound.  Laura went with me and I'm glad she was there.  She held my hand during the ultrasound part which typically causes me some pain.  On the ultrasound they saw a corpus luteum cyst which indicated ovulation (this is good).  They've already left word on my patient voicemail with my lab results:
  • estradiol 42.9
  • p4 10.9
The nurse gave me two options:  
A)  wait for AF to arrive on her own
B)  administer 3cc Progesterone-in-Oil Injection to ensure AF arrives on time.

At this point, I haven't talked to Brandon, but if I wait for AF (with no medicine) it will have our FET occurring on his birthday/ first day of football season.  

On a lighter note... here are a few random pictures from the day.

I love to plan! 



Randal and one of the many collages I have made her
Zombie - Creep


  1. Have they given you dates on FET yet? You mentioned without drugs inducing AF that it would be on your husbands birthday.

    1. My SIL sketched out a rough calendar looking at how I react with and without medicine to induce AF as well as a typical FET calendar.

  2. Who knows, maybe it happening on your husband's birthday is a cute "sign?" Either way you go I wish you both all the best!

  3. I was so thinking the same thing as a previous poster that maybe it being a good "sign!!!!!!" Loves, hugs and positive thoughts to y'all over the next weeks.


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