Thursday, August 16, 2012

Waiting on Calendar

One of the ladies from ART called me this afternoon.  My lining check/ultrasound is scheduled for next Friday, August 24 at 9am.  The lady believed that my calendar had been prepared and sent, but I should call the office if I haven't received it by Monday afternoon.

The clinic went up on their prices.  Before, it was $2150.  Now, it has increased to $2900.  =/  We still have a $260.80 remaining balance from the ICSI portion of our IVF in June.  So, we owe $3160.80 by next week.  God always provides.  I have no doubt that this is already taken care of, but it did get me a little upset this afternoon.  I just don't like surprises.

I'll update with my calendar once we receive it.


  1. So glad you are moving forward and don't have to go through the simulation process have been through so much, I am thinking of you and hope this cycle is quick with a lot less stress and a much better outcome :)

  2. I'm waiting on the call from my pharmacist tomorrow to let me know the damage on the medication for our first FET cycle. I assume it will be cheaper than the fresh cycle but I guess I'll know for sure tomorrow. You are right, God does provide! It's a miracle that we are able to pay for all of this IVF stuff.

  3. I don't like surprises either especially when it comes to paying additional money on something. How exciting you are moving forward with the FET. It will seem so much more real when you see your calendar. Good luck!


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