Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Yesterday was fabulous.  I had a great day off at home.

Today is another story... I started having UTI symptoms.  Why now?  I left a message at ART and Janet called back.  Dr. Allemand went ahead and prescribed Macrobid.  They will do urinalysis on Friday if my symptoms are still hanging around.  I took Tylenol earlier for a headache.  Unfortunately, there's nothing else I can take for the pain.  I only drink one 12 ounce Dr.Pepper each day.  I have coffee maybe once a month now.  My caffeine intake has never been more under control!

Oh well.  Wednesday night services start back at church this evening.  At least I have something fun to look forward to this evening.

And I apologize if you're visiting from ICLW... I'm currently in the middle of my first FET cycle after IVF#1 with OHSS.


  1. I hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Hope this pesky uti goes away quickly. Get feeling better before you get pregnant next week.

  3. Ugh UTI and OHSS?!?! You poor thing! I hope you feel better soon and that all this trouble brings a BFP.

    ICLW #41

  4. Unsweetened cranberry juice is really good when you get UTI, try to drink a ton of it, it helps clears it. xo

  5. Yuck! I hope you're feeling better today!


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