Friday, September 21, 2012

Beta #2 Results

Beta #1 on 9-14-12:  67
Beta #2 on 9-21-12:  1291

That's a doubling time of 39.36 hours to those of you who understand the terminology.  (I'm still figuring out the hCG levels and such myself)

My estrogen is 168 and progesterone is 67.  For now, I will stay on my Estrace 2mg twice daily and PIO injection 2cc each evening.

From the beta numbers it looks like there's one Baby Sneakers, but we are excited nonetheless.  =)  After waiting so long, we are pregnant.  Today's numbers are definitely reassuring.

We are scheduled for our first ultrasound next Friday!


  1. What a wonderful rise. I can't believe you are having an ultrasound next week!

    1. Me neither. I'm excited that we had a good number for a singleton. =)

    2. You never know. The databases has large range of numbers

  2. You can go to to see the large range of beta numbers that are normal. Congrats on a rising beta! : )

  3. So happy for you!! Congrats Courtney! This gives me so much hope for us. :)

  4. Hi from ICLW!!! Congrats!!!

  5. Our beta numbers predicted triplets and it was just one. Beta results can be all over the board. Glad to see such great results!

  6. That is so awesome!!!! I remember spending days stressing over my HCG numbers and the only conclusion I came to, is everyone's are different and it is really hard to compare. Can't wait to see the first ultrasound pic :)

  7. What great numbers! So happy for you that things are looking good. Come on Friday!


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