Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Two more days

Wow.  Time is moving by so quickly.  I cannot believe that our embryo transfer is in only two days.

My hiney hurts!  In medicated cycles, women need progesterone support.  Dr. Allemand has me on shots, which are intramuscular (hiney).  The progesterone-in-oil injection doesn't hurt as much when it's administered, rather it's the aftermath.  On Saturday and Sunday, Brandon gave me 1cc.  Last night we had to increase my dosage to 2cc.  This medicine is SUPER thick!  B gives me a hiney massage afterward to make sure the medicine moves around and doesn't collect in one spot.  My booty is sore when I'm walking, and I feel the pressure from my pants!  It's not terrible, but I can definitely tell that I'll have what others before me have described as the "lumpy butt."  

Also, thanks to the progesterone-in-oil injections, my chest is super sensitive!  It's not that bad, I'll take a little pain any day to get my body ready for my baby(ies).  ;-)

We are so close.  I have nothing but positive thoughts about this cycle.  Brandon and I are planning to go out for a celebratory lunch after our transfer on Thursday.  Also, we've been discussing ideas about how we're going to tell everyone after we get our good news!  We are only expecting good news.  

Thank you for all of the kind thoughts, well wishes, prayers, and support.  We're going to need it to get through this two-week-wait!

"You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it."  John 14:14


  1. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a smooth transfer!

    Progesterone is yucky!

  2. I am just so excited for you. I think about you often and update hubs on your progress as well. Praying for courage, faith, and positivity :)

  3. Keeping every possible thing crossed and praying so hard for y'all on Thursday. Sorry your butt isn't feeling all that great. I've seen the PIO shots and they really don't look pleasant!!!!

  4. I love your attitude Coutney! I'm on pins and needles right along with you. Well, you are on needles more than I am (wink)

  5. So excited for you that you are so close. My hiney hurt for months from the POI shots – even after I had stopped them at 12 weeks. I slept with two thing king sized pillows under me at night – kind of like a mini pillow top – to reduce the soreness at night.

  6. Exciting! I hope the next 2 days just fly by for you and I'll be praying that you get the good results you expect!

  7. Thanks for posting about your PIO shots. I'll be doing them for my FET cycle in a couple weeks so it's good to know what I'm in for. ;)


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