Thursday, September 6, 2012

Recap of Transfer Day

Waiting to sign in
Joy, LaShawn (Joy's Mom), and Nesia (Joy's baby-cutest baby ever) went with us today.  Joy has already been to two of my other appointments at ART.  She went previously when Brandon was out of town, and went with us when we found out that we were going to be able to move forward with our FET.  There was no doubt in my mind that I needed her there on our transfer day!

Me in my flattering robe

That room gets cold so I brought my fuzzy socks
Plus, they're pink & blue!

I can't remember what he was saying here

They were hilarious getting all gowned up

Getting Joy all situated

They gave him the hair nets for his shoes
These two kept me laughing while waiting to be taken into the procedure room!

He's ready for surgery-haha!
Surprisingly enough, I never got too nervous this morning.  On the way to ART, I started feeling nauseated.  We stopped at McDonalds for a happy meal and then I was pretty good.  Brooke gave me a Valium once I got dressed in my gown and I just laid in my little hospital bed.

Sneakers, me, and the cute little bear ART gave me
I think it's awesome that they give you a little teddy bear to commemorate the occasion.  It's little shirt reads "A snuggly bear because we care! ART Fertility Program of Alabama!"

Joy and me before being taken to the transfer room

We went into the transfer room, and wow-it was great to be in there and not be as nervous as the last time.  I could remember shaking uncontrollably because I was so nervous about the egg retrieval process.  Brooke still vividly remembered me from my tentative transfer day/hospitalization day back in June.  She was excited to see me back to myself again.

Joy prayed for us before everything got started.  Brooke even joined us.  It was such a beautiful time.  My feet couldn't stop dancing because I was so excited!

I look terrified! Really, I just had to potty because my bladder had to be full for the transfer
Nervous-Excitement waiting on Dr. Allemand

There's never a dull moment with Sneakers

We had to sign so much paperwork today!  They kept laughing, wanting to make sure I had it all signed before the Valium kicked in!

Once Dr. Allemand arrived, he gave us some awesome news.  When they thawed our embryos, they were looking for 50% or greater expansion.... One of mine expanded 100% and the other 80%.  In Brandon's words, that was like using one fresh embryo! Also, they only had to thaw the two, so we still have 4 remaining frozen embryos for later use.  Once he told us this, Brandon said he felt immediate relief!  For once, I wasn't worried.  I was a picture of perfect peace today (except when I had to go to the potty!). 

I wish I could say that the transfer process itself was a piece of cake, but when you have extreme pelvic pain issues, no pelvic exam, etc. is ever easy.  Dr. Allemand made sure to talk me through the entire process. When someone says they're going to swab your cervix, it's not exactly comfortable!  Thankfully I had Brandon holding my hand and Joy's hand on my head.  Everyone kept talking to me to keep me from panicking.  Of course I broke out in a hot flash, but I tend to do that during procedures.  Luckily, the actual process of transferring the two embryos didn't take near as long and the preparation.  They gave me three different pictures of my belly throughout the process! I would post them, but they're difficult to "read" if you don't know what you're looking for.
Resting after the transfer
Anxiously waiting to be allowed to go to the potty!

Nesia gave us lots of "baby dust" today

Afterward with my bear
LaShawn said I looked different already =)
Today was surreal.  I cannot believe that we transferred two amazing embryos today!  For now I guess I'll refer to them as Sneakers & Sneakette.  I mean, we did have to sign paperwork saying that we knew the likelihood of twins was high! ;-)

I'm keeping up with everything relating to this cycle on my FET page!


  1. Good Luck, Courtney!
    We're all rooting for you and your little guys/gals.

  2. Great news! Make sure to rest up and stay hydrated! Can't wait for beta day!

  3. So glad to hear your upbeat spirit! So excited for you guys! :-)

  4. fingers are crossed! and toes and everything else! gooood luck!!

  5. Congrats on your transfer, Court! Make sure you take it easy and watch tons of funny movies. Can't wait to hear a great beta number!

  6. Congrats on a successful transfer of Sneakers & Sneakette! I'm hoping to be hearing a whole lot more about these two little embies in the coming weeks/months. Take it easy for a few days and enjoy this moment when you are in fact Pupo :-)

  7. I loved all of your pictures! Are you considered a 6 day transfer?

  8. Congratulations on your transfer! What beautiful embryos. I'm so thrilled to hear such a good report on how the thawing process went. Sending lots and lots and lots of prayers for a BFP!

  9. I'm a little late in commenting, but thanks for documenting the journey so that those of us that haven't gone through the cycle yet know what we are getting into.

    Why does your bladder have to be full before the transfer?


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