Friday, September 21, 2012

Beta #2 Today

We have our second blood test at 8:15am today.  I hope it doesn't take them all day to call us back again!  The plan is to have a high number and schedule our first ultrasound next week.

Even though Brandon and I have been over the moon excited the past 2 weeks, one of our dear friends is hurting.  Toni at Who Is This "Fertile Myrtle"? is having a terrible time.  With her second IVF attempt, she got pregnant and her numbers failed to rise.  The doctor told her to stop all supplements and wait for her beta to decrease.  Instead, her beta numbers continued to rise and the doctor confirmed an ectopic pregnancy.  As of last night, she was at the hospital getting the shot (which I assume is methotrexate).  She has went above and beyond for Brandon and I, and we both are so saddened at her situation.  Please send her your love and prayers!

I will be sure to update later this afternoon with my levels and see where we're going from here.


  1. Best of luck to you today! Can't wait to hear the news!! Happy start to ICLW!!

  2. Thank you so much for all the support Courtney. There are no words to explain how much it means to me right now.

    Now come on big numbers!!!

  3. I've definitely been praying for Toni. I'm sure she appreciates the mention in your blog. You can never have too much support on this journey.

    Can't wait to read your about your second beta results!


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