Monday, September 24, 2012

Ultrasound on Thursday

After waiting all day... we are scheduled for our ultrasound appointment on Thursday at 8:30am.  On Friday, they were supposed to call me with my results and schedule my appointment.  With us, things NEVER go as planned.  Instead of calling me, they called my patient voicemail, so I stressed for an hour when I could have had access to the results.  I will always check my patient voicemail from now on, even when I explicitly express to call me on my cell phone.

Moving on along, I was not able to schedule our appointment on Friday so I called at 8:30am today.  I did not hear back from ART until 10:30am.  They wanted me to come in on Thursday, but I asked them if they had cleared coming in a day early with Janet.  Of course, they had not.  It then took them until 3pm to return my call, letting me know that I could either come in on Thursday or wait until Monday.  Seriously?!?  On Thursday I will be 5w6d pregnant.  There is still a small possibility that it's too early to see anything via ultrasound, but I refuse to wait until Monday for any type of bloodwork.  So, with that being said, we will have beta #3 and ultrasound #1 this Thursday.  If nothing is visible on the monitor, we will return again on Monday.

Today, "the enemy" has tried to take each and every chance to bring me down and make me come "unglued."  To you, my waiting to hear from the doctor seems like nothing important, but we have went through so much to get here.  Sometimes I think the doctor's office fails to remember that about their patients when we're left wondering all day.  It doesn't occur to me that they have other patients in the office and other people on the phone just like me.  They are probably doing the best that they can.  I know that I've only been upset today because I'm nervous about our first ultrasound this week.  I trust God, but it's hard to rely on Him and not my own understanding.  I want nothing more than to have a normal and boring pregnancy, but I know that probably won't be the case until we're released to our OB.

So, I apologize for whining here.  There is much more that went on today, but I won't even begin to bore you or unload all of that here.


  1. You should be able to see the sac at least. Can't wait to hear updates on how your appointment goes.

    1. That's exactly what my SIL said. As long as we see the sac I will be ok. For some reason, I have been letting negative thoughts creep in. =(

  2. Thinking of you this week! Praying for peace as you approach Thursday.

  3. awww... Sorry you've had a rough day! I'm sure it's hard to wait for results, but I think it's a great sign that they feel comfortable waiting until Monday. I think that means they aren't worried about you, which is good!

  4. Sure hope the week flies by and you get great results on Thursday!

  5. I'm keeping you, and B and your baby(ies) in my thoughts. I'm hoping for only good news for you. I want to say things like "I'm sure everything will be fantastic," but I can't be sure; so instead I will be the most hopeful that it is possible to be. Like you, I am trusting in God to take good care of you.

  6. From a family that understand your venting - I completely understand!!! IVF is so emotional and stressful. My only suggestion for you is that you might not see a heart beat on Thursday - which might add to your frustration And leave you worried for the weekend when things are likely fine. I'd vote for a relaxing weekend followed by great exciting news o. Monday.

  7. Hoping that you guys at least see the sac and it's in a good position in the uterus.

  8. Unload all you want! We are here listening and supporting you every step of the way. It's ok to get a little whiney from time to time. I completely understand your frustrations with waiting for phone calls from your RE's office. Who in IF Land hasn't been there? Praying that Thursday goes well for both of us. :)


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