Saturday, September 22, 2012


Wow, Mommy was really hungry yesterday.  You must be growing a lot!

Today, Daddy is going to the Alabama game and Mommy is going to work.  I usually like going to the games with Daddy, but it's too much walking for Mommy right now.  It's hard enough to stand up at work all day without taking lots of breaks (for sitting and eating).

See here's a dilemma... Daddy loves Alabama and Mommy has become mostly indifferent.  Mommy grew up going to all of the Auburn games with her daddy.  That was always a special time for me and your Grandad to spend together.  I pray that you have that with your Daddy someday.  Well, today while Daddy is at the Alabama game, your Grandad will be at the Auburn game.  Daddy has promised me that you'll be able to wear Auburn stuff too (especially if you're a little girl).

I promise to never try to sway you to pick a particular team!  We will not shout "Roll Tide" and "War Eagle" at you.  Instead, we will put more emphasis on teaching you (like your Joy taught Nesia) to say "Praise God!"  I think that will be more fitting than having you yell words that hold no meaning.

When you're old enough, Mommy will be happy with which ever team you decide you like best.  But I can't wait to hear you say "Praise God" when you start talking.  You're going to be our little miracle and God deserves all of the glory!

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