Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Food Aversions and Other Symptoms

I have little experience with being pregnant.  With our chemical pregnancy cycle, it was over as quickly as it began.

As of today, I am considered 4w5d pregnant.  I truly had no idea that symptoms begin so quickly.  My aversion to foods began early last week.  I've always had a sensitive nose, but now certain food smells make me gag!  At the moment, I am staring at a bowl of cereal and I just can't make myself eat it.  My lactose issues seem to be worse now.  I've always had a love for waffles, but cannot make myself eat them now.  It's always been hard for me to eat in the mornings, but now I really need to make sure I have breakfast each day.

Fried food is still terrible, but I somehow managed to eat some fried chicken at Cracker Barrel last night.  I've been craving real food and fruity stuff.  I guess it's better than craving stuff that's not good for me!

I talked to Janet at ART on Monday about my cramps each day and Calcium.

  • She told me that I needed 1200mg of Calcium daily, and there's only 200mg in my Prenatal Vitamin.  She suggested a supplement since I can barely stomach milk, hate cheese, and rarely eat ice cream.  (I know, I'm un-American).  I love orange juice and I've also been able to drink small amounts of chocolate milk, but I want to make sure that my baby(ies) are taken care of. 

  • Because Brandon and I went through so much to get pregnant, it makes sense that I'm super aware of each and every little twinge and cramp.  Shockingly enough, I've been extremely relaxed since we found out we're pregnant.  Brandon is a different story!  He gets nervous whenever I mention that I have cramps.  And by cramps...they are nothing like what I experience with my menstrual cycle.  They don't necessarily hurt, but they cause me to stop what I'm doing and sit down until they pass.  They seem to be more noticeable when I'm standing up for over 30 minutes at a time.  Janet said it was nothing to worry about, that it's just my uterus growing for the baby(ies).  It's sweet to see Brandon so worried about me and Baby Sneakers.  
I'm still on the progesterone-in-oil injections indefinitely.  My hiney is super sore and lumpy!  My chest hurts constantly, and has this weird buzzy feeling.  There's no other way to describe it.  It's still so early, but I've already noticed an increase in chest size!  (I'm happy about that sign!)  I get this weird heartburn feeling when I'm hungry and I get super tired when I need a snack.  Jen and I used to share a Dr. Pepper each afternoon, but I've limited myself to one 12-oz each morning.  All of my symptoms are comforting to me.  They remind me that there's a precious baby(ies) growing inside of me.  God is so good!


  1. Okay I am getting back up on the horse. Sounds like you may be carrying two little ones with aversions so soon. Excited to hear what your numbers look like on Friday. And congrats to you and Brandon. You guys will make two amazing parents.

  2. I have to agree with Toni--I thought twins when I saw your betas :) I'm glad you're not feeling well (what a weird thing to say!) but it means your body is doing what it needs to. YAY!

  3. Happy pregnancy symptoms!

    My hubby doesn't drink milk either, but he does love cheese and especially ice cream.


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