Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Transfer Thursday 12pm

I called ART this morning to get the final instructions for our transfer.  They never called me with my lab results on Friday, so I was a little nervous.  The scheduling department was closed when they received my labs, and the other lady forgot to call me.

They have my FET scheduled for 12:30pm, and they want me to arrive at 12pm with a semi-full bladder.  The nurses will give me a Valium once I'm taken back.

Janet said that Dr. Allemand is scheduled for my FET.  Brandon and I both love him, and it makes me super happy that he's performing the transfer.  We've worked with all of the doctors at ART, but we are partial to Dr. Allemand.

In smurf news, Janet told me that I could discontinue the Estrace vaginally.  She said that my lining is nice and thick now, so the extra Estrogen is no longer needed.  Only 2 more days!



  1. Exciting! Will be thinking of you on Thursday!!

  2. So exciting! Relax for the next two days and know we're thinking of you!

  3. Horray! Glad to hear you have your plan for your transfer! Praying for you!


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