Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ladies First- Infertility Support

I have never attended a support group of any kind... until Monday evening.  A sweet friend told me about a women's meeting that was going to discuss infertility.  I was intrigued immediately.  My church has went above and beyond in terms of support, but we have only focused on the topic of infertility when Brandon and I are delivering the information.  I do plan on changing that in the near future. ;)

Before arriving, I was super nervous.  I have no idea why.  Shockingly enough, I am nervous when it comes to meeting new people (I know- hard to believe!).  The evening opened up with all of the women drawing a simple gourd.  We used water colors to paint the image; blending bright and light colors.  As the picture came to fruition, I saw a mother holding a child.  Not knowing if I was the only one seeing it, I asked someone else and they saw it as well.  

Here is my gourd.
I'm no artist, but each time I look at this I am reminded of a mother holding a child
and of the life I pray that is growing inside of me.
This opening exercise had all of the women talking, and was demonstrated to remind us that there is always life inside of you.....pregnant or not.


  1. Powerful words Courtney- "There is always life inside of you pregnant or not". Very profound. Many people fertile or not need to know that...

  2. I haven't been to a infertility support group, but I think that I might check one out in our area. It certainly can't hurt....

  3. That is really beautiful. I can definitely see the mother and child in your painting. You should frame it and hang it in your nursery when the time comes.


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