Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17th Appointment

Great appointment with Dr. Mac today!

I am super happy to report that Miss Elliana is HEAD DOWN!  
She was in a breech position at our last appointment and I had a feeling that she had moved in the past few days.  We had/have plenty of time still, but I'm so happy that she's in her delivery position!  No wonder I've been going to the potty more frequently.  (Nesia enjoys it because she likes to flush the potty!)  My blood pressure was good and both the nurse and Dr. Mac are happy with my weight gain.  I mentioned the increasing pain from carpal tunnel syndrome and he told me that it would only get worse until the end of the pregnancy.  I may invest in a brace to wear on my right hand throughout the day since it hurts the worst.  Buckling Nesia in her car seat is painful and I can barely chop/cut anything.

Dr. Mac looked at my belly and legs and said that I'm swollen but it's nothing to worry about.  He doesn't feel I'm at risk for preeclampsia so that was great!  My fundal height was 35 weeks which is perfect because I'm 34 weeks 4 days today.

I had written down questions to ask the doctor, but most of them had to do with Elliana not turning so I felt there was no need to worry about that for now.  He felt comfortable scheduling my next appointment for 2 weeks out.  We had originally planned on weekly appointments from here, but I'm glad that we're not there yet.  It makes me feel like I still have more "time."  My next appointment is scheduled for Wednesday, May 1.  From then I will be seen weekly and "checked" as well.  He will do my Group B Strep Test at the next appointment too.

I can't believe we're almost a month away from our due date now!

God is Good


  1. Love the facial expression in the last photo!

  2. Yay! So glad to hear this! AND...way cute dress.

  3. Great news that Elliana is getting herself in position to meet you!

  4. Great news!! You look so adorable :-) I love your dress!

  5. Love the pictures! So happy to hear that things are going well!!!


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