Friday, April 26, 2013

My Pregnancy Body

I felt pretty icky yesterday, but that's becoming a common theme each day so I just try to make the best of it.    I know that this last month is going to be trying in terms of my emotions and random aches and pains.

Liz and H stopped by to pick me up for lunch yesterday and we headed to Hoover.  We went to California Pizza Kitchen and it was great.  I actually had to stop myself from devouring my entire pizza!  She also wanted to go over to the Galleria to find something to wear on Sunday for my baby shower.  The highlight of the trip for me was getting a bag of chocolate chip cookies from the Great American Cookie Company.  I've been indulging in my sweet tooth cravings since I haven't truly gained any weight in months (although my belly says otherwise).

H and I were both pretty tired so we found a nice place to sit down in one of the stores while Liz was trying on some dresses.  Neither of the ladies working there had noticed me standing up so they had no idea that I was pregnant.  When I stood up to wheel the stroller over to the counter they both looked amazed at my tummy.  Apparently I don't look pregnant to people unless they are staring directly at my stomach.  I guess that is a good thing.  Looking back, one of the servers at lunch said the same thing.  We were seated in a booth and the table covered my bump.  I had to stand up to show the woman that I was 4 weeks away from our due date.

I guess I always imagined that I would be one of those women who carried their weight all over.  I see a difference in my size, but it's probably not that noticeable to people who didn't know me before I was pregnant.  My face is swelling, but it happens mostly at night and I look fine by morning.  My hands are super puffy but look pretty normal when I wake up each day.  Depending on how much time I spend on my feet determines the size of my cankles.

My stretch marks have kept themselves contained to my hiney, but I would not be bothered if I was covered in them.  Elliana is worth it.  I do find it interesting though that my stretch marks are directly under the muscles where we did my progesterone-in-oil injections.  I wonder if that's just a coincidence?

Well, again I want to try and remember everything.  My mind is so clouded and full of thoughts lately and I have to admit that I was flattered by the compliments I've received recently about my pregnancy body.  I'd happily look like a beached whale for my little girl, but it's been nice to know that I still "have it."  HeeHee

Here a are a few comparison pictures from April.  I hope to take additional bump pictures during the month of May since I'm sure we'll see my belly continue to get bigger and bigger!
4-7-13 @ 33w1d

4-7-13 @ 33w1d

4-13-13 @ 34w

4-20-13 @ 35w

Yesterday 4-25-13 @ 35w5d
You can see the difference in my belly's position from 4/20 to 4/25!  She's LOW now!! 


  1. It really is amazing to think about your daughter all curled up nice in snug inside of you. Such a wonderful blessing to be sure!

  2. Cute baby belly! So happy for you, I have been following your journey a long time. I had my rainbow girl on 2/26/2013, it was the most wonderful pregnancy I had, and I am so glad yours is so special too. Enjoy and get a lot of sleep before little lady comes. :)

  3. Wow she did drop within the last week! Looking good!


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