Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day Thirteen with the Kiddos

Nesia was not a good sleeper!  She woke up around 3 am and Brandon was able to get her to go back to sleep.  She woke up again and I tried rocking her with no luck.  We let her lay in bed with us and watch TV until we were all wide awake.

What do you do when everyone's awake super early on a Saturday morning?  Go to Waffle House!

On the way there she tried to fall asleep.  Brandon and I both started laughing and turned on the light in the car and talked to her.  She was fine once we got inside and enjoyed some cold milk, waffle, and eggs.

She fell asleep in the car on the way back home so Brandon put her in our bed and we both napped in the living room.  We all slept for about three hours or so and woke up.  Paul had a school function that conflicted with Silas getting to his game on time, so Tim dropped Silas off at the house with us.  We watched his game up until about the 4th inning or so.
We drove to Alabaster to leave some leftover Menopur at the store for friend of mine.  She is in the midst of her first IVF cycle and I had two unused vials left and that's exactly how much she needed.  (I forgot to leave the medicine at the store in my excitement of Brandon being home and going to eat BBQ).

Sia napped on the way home and woke up ready to play outside!
She had fun dragging the rake around the yard

She's Uncle B's big helper

Absolutely adorable and it's ok for me to say that because she's not my child! HeeHee
She had so much fun outside, but Brandon really needed to cut the back yard.  Nesia was less than thrilled.
She screamed like she was in pain or something!  She cried and pointed at him.  She yelled "My B" over and over again.  She then even began saying his name, which she's never said before.  As you can see from the picture, Brandon caved and picked her up once he had the perimeter mowed.  She was super happy once she had her Uncle B back.
After her crying and helping Uncle B cut the grass we needed some ice water and a snack.  She's so photogenic!  There's always so much light around her in pictures.  Even from pictures indoors.  She is a miracle child...

Dad came over and we cooked dinner.  Nesia likes EVERYTHING.  She ate all of the bell peppers out of Dad's salad and then came over to my plate for mine.  She also ate her own bowl of pasta and then made her rounds between the three of us.
After dinner, Dad fell asleep on the couch and I had to wake him up so we could put Sia down in the pack and play.  She was so tired that she didn't even fight going to sleep once we laid her down.

Nesia can be a handful but she's so cute that it makes up for it sometimes.  She's super attached to Brandon and that doesn't bother me too much because I can't really get in the floor and play with her anymore.  I do like when she lets me hold her and rock her to sleep.  I now have to bribe her with sweet treats to crawl in my lap when Uncle B's around!

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