Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day Three with the Kiddos

Three days down!

Nesia is making this all far too easy!  She slept through the night making not a peep.  I actually got up once to go check in on her because I didn't hear her cry out or talk in her sleep.  Elliana was moving about all night long and I had a hard time falling back to sleep whenever I woke up.

Since we stayed at my house, I was able to sleep in and it felt great.  I've had help each day with Nesia, but I'm still exhausted, probably because I'm so big and swollen now.
She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping.  She does NOT like to keep any covers on her!

 Sia enjoyed watching Mickey Mouse Club House this morning

She crawled into Brandon's recliner beside me and watched TV for a little while.  She's been to our house quite a few times and feels at home here now.

Of course I had to jinx myself.  Sia wanted to play with Uncle B and could not understand that he had to work.  She would point at his door with this sad look on her face.  We got dressed and went outside to play.  Of course I had to lather up with sunscreen and a hat.  We were only outside about 30 minutes and she remembered that she missed Uncle B. 
I'm so glad we have some baby toys at the house.  Logan also loves Nesia!
My Granny's irises have also bloomed. 
We went back inside and she snuggled into my lap.  I'm sure she was missing her Mommy too.  About that time my Dad stopped by to say hello and it didn't phase little girl one bit.  BUT Uncle B did not read the text message to stay in his office!  He peeked his head out and she pointed for him.  After that he had to stay and help me with her so I could fix us some lunch.  She ate about half of my club sandwich and some of Brandon's.  She can eat!  Brandon got a call and had to go into his office, so she once again snuggled into my lap and went to sleep this time. 
She had her hand on my belly.  She likes to poke my belly button and rub Ellie.

CourtCourt then got a much needed break in the sunshine.  I've always loved to be tan and I can't hop in the tanning bed, so I've been outside every chance I get.  It was getting close to time to get moving, so I got cleaned up and loaded the car.  Unfortunately, I had to wake up Sia to put her in the van to go pick up the boys from the school bus.  She was not happy at first but she loves to sing in the car, so we cranked up the radio and she liked watching me sing and car dance! 

Since it was Wednesday we headed on to the church to help in the kitchen.  It was Mexican night and we had an amazing meal.  The boys kept up with Nesia so I could help Miss Wendy (as much as I can help these days).  I'm always excited to help with the desserts! 
Apparently the boys printed off too many name tags.  Silas had himself covered in them!

After dinner, I asked Brandon to help with cleaning up since I was so tired.  We ended up in the nursery wait for the boys to get out of their classes.  Sia has Uncle B wrapped around her little finger.

 Of course Sia didn't fall asleep on the ride home.  That would have been too easy.  Brandon stayed out at The Farm with me so I wouldn't be so overwhelmed.  I made sure all of the boys got their showers and laid their clothes out for the next day and Brandon got Nesia to wind down.  He had her asleep in no time.  I don't know what I'd do without my sweet husband.  He's absolutely amazing.

Funny random story:  I have to burp a lot.  There's nothing lady like about it, but Nesia has noticed.  Such a precious girl, she says "bless you" every time I burp out loud.  (I promise I don't do it in public!).  She thinks it's funny to say "bless you"  and then she imitates me burping.  Joy's just going to love that!

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  1. The burping is funny. Hope you are having fun out on the farm.


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