Monday, April 22, 2013

Day Fifteen with the Kiddos

It was much easier waking up this morning and only having to worry about the boys since Nesia stayed with Uncle B.  I didn't sleep well at all because I was up every single hour visiting the potty.  When it was about time for the boys to get up for school I opened the bedroom door and noticed that Paul and Luke weren't in their bed.  They were both on the couch.  I woke Luke up and he told me that he had been sick throwing up all night long.  Poor guy threw up on himself, his brother, and the bed.  He didn't even wake me up through the night.

Paul and Silas got ready for school and I told Luke that he was coming home with me.  We stopped by the Hardee's drive thru and got a plain biscuit and large Sprite.  I think he only ate half of the biscuit, but Sprite always settles my stomach.

Nesia slept in so I was able to catch a quick cat nap in the recliner before she woke up.  I was able to take my shower and get ready before she was up and moving.
She adores Brandon.  I can already tell that there will be some jealousy once Elliana is born.

She played in the floor for a bit and then had to sit with her big brother.  I don't think Luke is contagious, most likely something he ate.

Nesia and I made lunch for Uncle B and she ate while we cooked.  Luke ate some grapes but still felt uneasy about eating anything more.  While I'm writing right now I realize that I forgot to feed myself!  Ooops.
She laid in the floor and looked like she was doing yoga or something.  She's too funny sometimes!

I started getting texts that Joy and everyone else was arriving in Atlanta and they would be on the road back to Calera soon.

It's 3pm in Alabama and Brandon and I are back to the "single life" as he calls it.  All of the travelers made it back, and Joy was super excited to see Nesia.

Sitting here writing, I have no idea how I managed to take care of the kids for this long.  My body and mind are both worn out, but I miss Nesia already.  I now know that I could handle having more than one child, but  we will both be completely satisfied if Elliana is it for us.  

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  1. here from ICLW. congrats on your pregnancy and I wish you a happy and safe delivery and wonderful times with your little girl.


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