Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day Nine with the Kiddos

I barely slept last night!  My anxiety level was through the roof and I couldn't rest.

I got up out of bed around 5 am and started picking up all of my stuff.  The boys got up at normal time, got ready, and all piled into the van.  Paul fell asleep on the ride to school and the others were pretty quiet.  Nesia was not happy to be up so early!  Luke did apologize about me having to drive them to school and that helped me feel much better.

After dropping the boys off, Nesia and I drove back to my house.

We had some breakfast and played until it was naptime.  She kept fighting sleep because she was so tired.  I ended up putting her in the bed with me and she fell right asleep.  We both needed a quick nap!  We then got ready to meet Liz and H at Chick-fil-A for some lunch and playdate. 

Sia went up to the top of the play place this time but never came down the slide.  She let me know when she was ready to come home because she started crying when she couldn't figure out how to come down.  She passed out in the car on the way home!  She slept for almost three hours!  CourtCourt was super excited because I got to sleep too.
Nesia loves to help with the laundry!
Silas had another baseball game, so Tim picked up the boys to take care of dinner and that.  I had washed all of Silas's baseball stuff and packed it up at my house, but I had forgotten his red belt.  I felt so terrible!  These pregnancy hormones are crazy and I was crying because he was upset.
We had cookies!

Berta came over to watch Nesia so I could go to the baseball game.  The boys won and it was nice to get out of the house to talk to other adults!  Berta took ALL of the kids back to The Farm and I got a free and quiet night at my house to sleep. 

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