Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29th Appointment and Cervical Check

I didn't sleep well last night.  I woke up three different times in the middle of the night with pain from contractions.  Around 2 am I got up and slept in the guest room so B could rest and I could try and get comfortable again.  I'm so lucky to have another pregnant friend who always has pains around the same times as me.  Love you, Tiffany!!

The pain stopped and I was able to go back to sleep.  I was up before 6 am and got ready because Dad and I had planned to visit with Granny and get some stuff from her house.  I did call the OB nurse this morning to tell them about the pain, but we both agreed that I was alright to wait until my Wednesday appointment.  She told me to call if I had more pain or began spotting.  We were out at Granny's longer than we had planned, but I sat most of the visit.  On the way back home I started hurting and feeling pain from contractions along with sciatic pain and Elliana bouncing on my cervix.  We ate lunch at Full Moon BBQ and the pain was intensifying making me not able to finish a sentence, much less get up and walk.  I had already visited the potty upon our arrival and my panty liner was completely dry.  After lunch I went again, and my panty liner was extremely damp and did not smell of urine--yes I had to check.  (I do leak a LOT when I sneeze or cough, but I know when that happens.  I've had bladder issues for years and this is nothing new for me.)

I called the OB nurse and they wanted to see me because the contractions all happened so close to one another while I was sitting at lunch after not a lot of physical activity.  Dad got me back to my house and Brandon and I drove to Brookwood (since the doctor at Alabaster was already leaving for the day).  I was nervous on the way because I knew that I would have my first cervical check.  The leaking terrified me because it's too early for Elliana's arrival and I wanted to make sure she had enough fluid still in there for her.

We made it to Brookwood in record time and I was immediately called back.  My BP was great even though I was nervous and baby girl's heart rate was about 128 bpm since she was being so calm.
Dr. Adcock did my Group B Strep test and then checked me.  If you know about my past fertility history, you know that I've had issues with severe pelvic pain for years.  Brandon held my hand and put his other hand on my head.  I prayed and it was over in no time.  Of course my heart was racing and I was sweating like crazy.  My legs wouldn't move because I freeze up when I have exams there.  BUT I made it through the exam and did much better than I anticipated.

As of today, 36w2d, I am fingertip or .5cm dilated, 60% effaced, and -4 engaged.  It doesn't sound like a lot, but it's something!  Our next appointment is scheduled for May 8 unless we need to return sooner.


  1. Oh my! This is all so exciting and nerve racking! I am saying lots of prayer for you!

  2. Oh wow, it really is getting close! Yay for being dilated :)

  3. 60% effaced already! Wow! That's awesome :) Praying for you and Miss Ellie!

  4. Wow, she is knocking on the door asking to come out! Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.


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