Friday, April 19, 2013

Day Twelve with the Kiddos

Nesia woke up with the boys this morning.  Maybe she knew that Uncle B would be at the house when we got there!  The school was delayed because of the severe weather threat, but it allowed the boys to sleep in. Nesia and I packed up and headed for Calera once the brothers got on the bus.

To say that I've missed Brandon is an understatement.  I've never liked it much when he travels, but being away for four days is longer than his usual traveling schedule.  Thankfully he only has this particular trip once a year.

As soon as we walked in the door Nesia was so excited to see her Uncle B.  I barely got my hug and kiss in!  Brandon's boss had told him to enjoy his Friday at home, so he only had to reconcile his emails from while he was away (which was around 100 or so).

We had some breakfast and played until naptime.
She stole my recliner beside Sneakers.
I was happy to get some rest as well since I barely slept last night with the heavy rain and my constant trips to the potty.

Brandon took us to eat lunch at Full Moon BBQ and we met Randal and Liz and H too.  Sia and Uncle B shared some chicken fingers and fries and then she and H got down and played around while we all talked. We stopped in the store and ended up sitting with Jen at Moe's where Nesia decided that she was still hungry and needed chips and salsa.  She likes the green salsa!

She fell asleep on the way home so I was able to get some light cleaning done.  When we left Full Moon I was still pretty hungry.  Sia took a long nap, but I went ahead and called Dad to see if he wanted to meet us somewhere for dinner.  I had a craving for some fried food so we decided to go to Ezell's in Calera.  Nesia wowed us by everything that she ate.  Little girl ate cole slaw- something that I've never truly learned to enjoy (unless it's vinegar slaw).  She had hush puppies, fried pickles, fried crawfish, fried shrimp, and sweet potato fries.  Probably a lot of fried food but she had eaten healthy all day long and everyone deserves some yummy fried southern food!

Of course she reached for Uncle B and he couldn't let her just sit in the high chair!  She is spoiled rotten!!
She had a great diaper for us once we were home!  Overall it was a great day.  I was so excited to have my husband home after his week away.  Having Nesia with us really hasn't changed our normal routine.  If anything we have probably gotten out of the house MORE than we have in the past few weeks.  Nesia is such a people person and I hope that some of her personality rubs off on Elliana.

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