Friday, April 12, 2013

Day Four with the Kiddos

On to day four!

This tells you that I'm losing my mind and pregnancy brain is in full effect.  As I packed the car yesterday afternoon, I had EVERYTHING but my personal bag.  Brandon stayed out here last night and I realized I was missing my bag when it was time to go to bed.  With minimal tears, Brandon assured me that he would wake up early and go get my bag from home and put gas in the van.

Brandon left The Farm before the boys were up this morning.  After the boys were off on the bus, Nesia woke up.  She typically sleeps much longer so I was shocked.  Once Braherndon came back she was excited to see him.  She was attached to his hip until he had to leave to drive back home to start his work day. Much to my surprise, there were no tears.  She didn't play too long before she got sleepy and went down for a nap.  Now this is funny, but I love country music.  I don't want to sit around with the TV on all day so I usually have music playing.  Little girl has enjoyed singing and dancing with CourtCourt!  I hope Joy isn't too disappointed that I've had her youngest swaying to old country music!!
She got tired and ended up crawling into my lap for an early morning nap.  So sweet.

Of course our state was on the lookout for severe weather.  My plan was to load up and let Sia have a play date with one of the other little girls at church.  Oh well.  It took long enough, but they decided to close the school that the boys attend at noon. 

She's absolutely adorable!

Once the boys were home from school we loaded up and came to my house.

Luke and Silas played on the Xbox, Paul was glued to his phone (what's new with teenagers?), and Sia played with all of the toys we have here at my house.
My view from the recliner watching the boys play games on the Xbox

It wasn't long before Berta showed up and we all just hung out waiting for the worst of the weather to pass.
Sia fell asleep with Uncle B before heading back to The Farm

Berta took ALL of the kids back to The Farm and it was the first true break I've had since Monday.  Wow! I didn't know what to do with myself.  I took a hot shower and then we ate fast food for dinner.  By 8 pm I was in bed watching my recorded shows.  I can definitely sympathize with other stay-at-home-moms now.

I've greatly enjoyed taking care of the kids so far, but it's hard work and I'm feeling bigger and more tired each day!

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  1. From what I understand, being a stay at home mom is a really hard job.


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