Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day Eleven with the Kiddos

Today has been a rough day!  Dehydration+Braxton Hicks+Sciatic Pain+Exhaustion = one tired pregnant mommy!

It's hard to feel yucky when this little girl is around.
She woke up with the boys instead of sleeping in this morning.  I felt awful from the first moment I stepped out of bed this morning.  Eleanna had said that she would take care of Nesia today, but I'd have to drive back to Calera and then drive back to The Farm when the boys get off the school bus.  It would have been nice to have a quiet day to myself, but I don't think I could make it there with how terrible I feel.

Sia played for a while before getting sleepy.  I'm so glad that she took a morning nap.  I heard her wake up but she sat for a while playing and singing before trying to get my attention to come get her out.
She loves Ellie

Giving the baby kisses!  You can tell how awful I feel in this picture.
We ate lunch on the couch and Nesia played in the floor while I laid on the couch.  She's a perceptive child and could just tell that I wasn't feeling like myself.  She let me lay down and talk to her while she played.  It wasn't much longer when we both got tired and she laid down for another nap.  I got back in bed and slept off and on.  After talking to Liz, I realized that I hadn't drank enough water and started trying to rehydrate.  Every time I got up my body felt super heavy and I felt extremely sluggish.

Once Nesia was awake from her nap I just knew that we had to get outside.  I was still feeling yucky, but it wasn't fair to keep her cooped up in the house just because I felt bad.
On the porch at Grandmommy and Grandaddy's


She wanted me to hold her

The sky before the rain came
We stayed outside for over 30 minutes but I couldn't stay on my feet.  We ate our snack outside and saw the dogs but I was tired.  It wasn't long until the boys got home from school and they were able to help me keep up with her.  Luke and I ended up inside working on the laundry and trying to keep Nesia entertained.  The boys knew that I wasn't feeling well so they let me off the hook on dinner and all fixed themselves something to eat.
It was right when the boys came home that I started having a new pain.  Elliana was moving around and landing on my sciatic nerve.  Every time it happened it took the breath out of me.  I've never felt such quick and sudden pain before.  It terrified the boys every time I gasped.  Bedtime for everyone couldn't come quick enough and I was so glad to lie down in the bed and be able to grimace through the pain alone.

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