Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day Five with the Kiddos

Day Five!

Since Berta kept all of the kids last night, I was able to get in bed early and relax.  I needed that.

I couldn't sleep in this morning because I've gotten so used to waking up to make sure the boys get up and get ready for the school bus.  The best part about this morning was getting to take a shower and brush my teeth!  I knew that it's no easy task being a stay-at-home-mom, but I was not prepared at all!  By the time Berta showed up with Nesia this morning I had already gotten cleaned up and done some housework.

Too funny!

Trying to sneak up on CourtCourt

She loves the popper!

Sia woke up early this morning so I knew that we would be scheduled for an early nap program.  Brandon needed his expense report faxed so we played for a little while and then got out of the house to take care of his stuff.  We also stopped in a new store in Calera that monograms and Sia liked all of the pretty jewelry and clothes.  She fell asleep on the way back to the house and slept until lunchtime.

For the first time this week, I decided to nap while she was napping.  I only got about 30 minutes in, but it was just what I needed!

Brandon had said earlier that he would take us on a lunch date, so we went to Zaxby's.  We had a coupon for a free kid's meal and Sia was super excited to have her own food and cup.  Since it was a "date" and Friday we let her have Sprite.  Her eyes lit up at the first sip and she kept her cup in her hand throughout lunchtime.
Watching Uncle B tear her food into bite sized pieces
She didn't spill a drop of her drink!  

Once we were home I decided that we would go outside for a bit.  It wasn't as warm today, but it felt great in the sunshine.  Nesia absolutely loves Logan and followed him all over the yard!  I also got some beautiful pictures of her in my flowerbed.
She keeps calling him Max because that's their dog's name

Logan definitely keeps her entertained!

I've been keeping up with Joy's 8-hour time difference and knew that she would be getting on her phone soon.  We chatted on Facebook for a few minutes and they we were finally able to FaceTime.  It was a little confusing for little girl, but at the end of the call, Sia kissed Mommy on the iPad screen.

I had left us just enough time to make it to the bus stop to pick up the boys.  Nesia had that tired look in her eyes and fell asleep!
Time Lapse of about 2 minutes!

I texted Paul to make sure the boys would quietly get into the van and not disturb her.  Once we got to the house she woke up but was in a good mood.  After putting away laundry and packing bags for a weekend visit with the grandparents we were ready to head to the ball park.  On a sidenote, I think it's hilarious how children never really "look" for missing items.  I cannot tell you how long we searched for Silas's baseball pants.  He was distraught and I was ready to call Brandon and send him to buy another pair.  Paul came to the rescue and found them exactly where they were supposed to be.  I tackled Silas tickling and kissing him (which totally embarassed him) telling him to put on his baseball stuff before we misplaced it again!
Silas up to bat

Sweet girl with her PawPaw
Brandon met us at the ball park and then the grandparents arrived as well.  We all watched Silas's game- which they WON 20-3.  When it was time to go I didn't know if I was sad or relieved to have a few days free from the kiddos.  Once we were home I had no idea what to do with  myself.  We both miss Nesia, especially me!  I've been with her every night with the exception of Thursday this week.  My pregnancy hormones are in overdrive and I can't believe how much I miss that little girl right now!

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