Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3rd Appointment

Let me begin by saying that I just love Dr. McKenzie, aka Dr. Mac.  He is such a sweet and gentle man with a calming presence.  We couldn't have picked a better doctor!

Here's a rundown from our appointment:

  • We heard Elliana's heartbeat and it was around 145 bpm.  
  • Dr. Mac said that my blood pressure looks great, which is usually something he worries about in first pregnancies.  
  • My body is swelling, but he said it's nmuch better compared to other women.  He did look worried when he saw me wearing a ring, but I assured him that its a much larger size than I typically wear.  
  • He measured my fundal height and we're growing on track.
  • He assured us that we will NOT have a big baby, but he sees us having a healthy 7 lb or so little girl.  
  • Elliana is breeched again, with her head up under my left rib.  He took my hand to show me where to feel her little head and did the same with Brandon as well. 
Our next appointment is scheduled for April 17 at 34w4d with Dr. Mac.  That will be my last two week appointment and I'll start weekly appointments from there.  We're really in the home stretch now!

Dr. Mac said that he'd be interested to see Elliana's position at my next appointment.  We still have time for her to move into the head down position.  He hopes that she will be ready in position by 36 or 37 weeks gestation.  He said that we would have to consider either manipulating her or c-section at that point if she is not cooperating.  Thankfully, Dr. Mac understands our desire to have a vaginal delivery and is very positive about Elliana moving on her own before then.  If a c-section becomes necessary for us, I would still prefer to wait until closer to our actual due date as long as all is well with Elliana and myself.  In the past year and a half I've already had two different surgeries and one hospital stay.  I would prefer as little time in the hospital as possible, but I will not let those thoughts consume me unless they are a reality.  

God has brought us this far and Brandon and I will both continue to trust Him.  He's the only one who knows how it will all go!  I do have complete faith in His plan and Elliana's arrival.


  1. Your doctor sounds very caring and compassionate. That is a hard combination to find anymore. Hoping little girl gets into position soon so you can deliver without surgery.

    So excited at time moves closer.

  2. What an awesome doctor you have. Glad everything is going so good for you guys! I was lucky even with my high blood pressure I could still wear my wedding ring the entire pregnancy.

  3. Glad you have such a great doctor. I have no personal experience with it, but I know some people who have had success using yoga and chiropractic care to encourage a baby to flip - maybe something worth reading about? Yea for everything going so well with you and Ellie!

  4. Hoping she is head down for the next appointment.

  5. Great Doctor! I hope Ellie moves herself around for you, there's still time for her to work some magic in there!

  6. Hope she turns! You still have lots of time.


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