Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day Fourteen with the Kiddos

We had to wake Nesia up to get her ready for church this morning.  Brandon and I both work well together.  I got ready and he ate his breakfast.  When we got Nesia up, he changed her diaper and clothes while I got breakfast together to eat at church.  We had some vanilla yogurt, granola, fresh cut strawberries, grapes, and cheerios along with some milk packed in her little bag (I shared the yogurt and fruit with her).

The hairbow didn't stay in long.  It was precious while it lasted though!  The little sweater she's wearing was knitted by my Great Aunt Ellen (who passed years ago).

Once we got to church, Nesia and I ate breakfast until it was time for worship to start.  When the praise band began playing, she had her hands in the air spinning around.  It was too cute!  We had to stay through both services to keep the nursery during the later service and Nesia was tired.  She fell asleep in the car on the ride home.  Brandon and I both took advantage of that time to rest as well

She woke up hungry and ate a sandwich in Uncle B's lap.  (I don't think she has stopped eating since she got here.  She has a very healthy appetite!)

We went outside around 4 pm when the sun wasn't too strong so she could play.  She begs to go outside all the time, but I'm afraid of her getting burned because she's so fair complected!

She's playing "pee-pie" here
After playing outside we went back to church to watch the children's choir perform.  They were all so precious.  Both of Nesia's cousins were on stage with singing and talking parts.  Nesia sang through the entire show and even did the hand motions like she had been at the practices.

He ended up having to take her out because she was loud and we didn't want her to take away from the kids.  I mean, who could compete with Sia?

Tim brought the boys back out to The Farm and Brandon offered to keep Nesia so it would be easier on me.  My hands are aching all of the time now and Elliana lays on my sciatic nerve, making it often hard to walk or stand.
They shared leftover pasta and had dessert.  Seeing Brandon with Nesia makes me look forward to Ellliana. He's so good with children, but he was definitely meant to be a Daddy to a daughter.  I can just see him and baby girl having tea parties already!

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